🛡️ The SHI3LD Token

Token specifications and supply.

$SHI3LD is the native token of the PolyShield.Finance ecosystem. SHI3LD is an inflationary token with an initial supply of 1,000 (Only 1,000 SHI3LD tokens were initially minted for farm generation purposes). The PolyShield Masterchef smart contract is programmed to start minting SHI3LD on the predetermined genesis block.

The PolyShield Masterchef smart contract is the only source for any SHI3LD tokens that will ever exist or circulate. The smart contract is programmed to follow very specific rules so as to always auto-regulate the minting rate of SHI3LD tokens. SHI3LD has a Variable Emission Rate. This means that the smart contract has been designed with a very intelligent bonding curve that will always strive to balance the minting rate against the price and inflation of the token in the open market.

You can see more specific details in the Variable Emission Rate section.

SHI3LD is ultimately a governance token, but it comes with the benefits of staking and liquidity pool farming, with very attractive APYs.

At first, the SHI3LD token cannot be bought or sold on QuickSwap due to liquidity. The optimal method to obtain SHI3LD tokens is through farming and harvesting them. After people have claimed their SHI3LD tokens they can add liquidity to either the SHIELD-MATIC farm or the SHI3LD-USDC farm, thus enabling anyone to buy SHI3LD on QuickSwap, in exchange for MATIC or USDC.

The SHI3LD Vault and Farms yield the highest APY, making them a valuable place to provide liquidity.

Token Specifications

Ticker: SHI3LD
Chain: Polygon
Standard: ERC20

Initial Supply: 1,000
Maximum Supply: ~
Circulating Supply: https://polygonscan.com/token/0xf239e69ce434c7fb408b05a0da416b14917d934e
Burned Supply: https://polyshield.finance/#/home

Contract Address: 0xf239e69ce434c7fb408b05a0da416b14917d934e

Initial Price: $1
Emission Rate: variable
Initial Emission Rate: 1/block
Variable Emmission Rate Price Range: $1-$100

Team Tokens: none
Presale Tokens: none
Marketing Tokens: none

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