🌾PolyShield Farms

Our Yield Farms.

A farm is a DeFi product which allows you to stake your liquidity pool tokens (LP) and in return yields you tokens as a reward.

In our case you can provide liquidity to certain liquidity pools on the QuickSwap DEX, and then stake your LP tokens in our farms, and as a result you will be able to harvest SHI3LD tokens, which are minted every block.


The amount of SHI3LD you will be able to harvest depends on the APY of the liquidity pool you choose. The APY represents how much percent gain you can make per year on your USD value staked (if the price and liquidity were to remain constant at time of calculating the APY).

PolyShield.Finance currently offers these LP farms:


The amount of SHI3LD earned is estimated based on the current emission rate,
the percentage of liquidity pool held, SHI3LD token price and an investment
of $1000 worth of the liquidty pool asset.

APY estimates are not guarantees and are subject to change depending on token
price and emission rates.

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