♻️ NFT Multiplier System
NFTs given purpose.
The NFT Multiplier system is one of the most exciting implementations to be added to the PolyShield.Finance ecosystem.
When activated, 5% of the current SHI3LD minted during emission will go into the NFT system where it will be available to NFTs.
A suite of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will be released through our own marketplace, where each will have a set Multiplier and Timer.
    The Multiplier represents what share of the total SHI3LD allocation will be made available to the NFT.
      10x, 20x, 30x etc.
    The Timer represents how long the NFT will be effective.
      3 hours, 7 days, 30 days etc.
    Different NFT's will have different combinations of the two parameters, and as such a secondary market of NFT's will naturally develop where the community will settle on appropriate prices for the NFT's, depending on their rarity and usability.
With this system, NFTs can be bought and then resold for higher prices (flipped), or the NFTs can be used to amplify the yields of the farms and vaults. Depending on circumstances, both options can yield fantastic results.
Simply put, you can look at your NFTs as yield multipliers or as collectibles. The final choice is yours.

NFT Fund Split

All proceeds from the NFT market will go towards either:
    Market buying SHI3LD and burning it
    Adding SHI3LD liquidity to the existing LP's
The team will not receive any share of the sells.
Additional bonuses will be available to addresses that have participated in the Public Burn Function
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