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PolyShield: Origins

A shield is defined as a "piece of personal armour which is held in the hand". Shields have been used by all kinds of people throughout the ages for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it is to intercept and repel attacks, block some form of access, or, most importantly, to provide passive protection to the shield bearer at all times.

Yield farming is a fantastic way to use your assets in a practical way, where you farm tokens as a reward. As a cornerstone product under the umbrella of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), yield farming has grown into an incredibly large marketcap asset class.

Although many good things can be said about the many farms that exist, it is evident that the market has reached a point of saturation, where scams and "rugpulls" have become the standard. This can be said for a large number of the farms on any of the current blockchains that offer smart contract products. The most prominent examples would be the following blockchains:

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Polygon (MATIC)

  • Avalanche (AVA)

  • KuCoinChain (KCC)

  • BinanceSmartChain (BSC)

A Shield Made for Polygon

Having been intimately involved in cryptocurrency development from an early stage, the PolyShield team decided to develop this yield farm using the Polygon blockchain. This was an easy decision to make, as Polygon has proven itself to be a very robust layer 2 solution to Ethereum. This means we get most of the benefits of the Ethereum blockchain, without the downsides; these downsides mainly being Ethereum's high transaction fees and its slow block speeds.

Polygon offers a truly decentralized solution for DeFi enthusiasts, where the transactions are extremely fast and incredibly cheap. Despite these benefits, Polygon is still considered in its early DeFi stages. This gives ground for a very innovative space but unfortunately it has also opened the doors to many exploits and scams. This is partly due to the nature of decentralization, where there is no "real" authority that can regulate the space. As such, Polygon has recently become a victim to scams and liquidity pulls, being released by rogue devs with malicious intent.

They say that "necessity is the mother of creation". As such, it was clear that there was indeed a necessity; the creation of a yield farm on the Polygon blockchain that was SAFE, SECURE, SUSTAINABLE.

As such this became the motto of PolyShield.Finance. This project was built with the core foundation that it will become the golden standard for Polygon farms. The PolyShield.Finance developers have dedicated their time and resources towards building the safest yield farm possible, where users can comfortably deposit their assets without worry of waking up to an "exitscam" or liquidity drain.

Every single one of the PolyShield smart contracts has been developed with care, from the ground up, with maximum focus on security. The smart contracts will be audited by at least 2 auditing firms, for additional assurance of quality.


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